Monday, May 21, 2012


Another sleepless night....Here it is 2:44 a.m. and I've been awake since 1:11. So what do you do when you are laying in bed listening to your cat at the foot of the bed snoring...get up and blog. I've been feeling bad about neglecting my blog. It's been a couple of weeks. Sometimes I feel like nobody cares what I have to say anyway. I'm not very good with words so that is why I post more pictures then words. Now my snoring kitty is sitting in my lap purring as I type. I woke him up.

Bonsai my constant companion. I think he is the most photogenic of all my cats.

Then when I''m laying in bed trying to go to sleep I start thinking about how much I miss my grandchildren who live 12 hours away in N.C. I haven't seen them since March when we met up with them in Chicago.

I love this picture of them that my daughter took. Max loves his big sister Cora. He is enjoying his asparagus here while big sis is putting her shoes on him.

The main reason for not blogging is I've been so busy planting flowers. We've been having some of the most perfect weather and when that happens, I'm outside!! Haven't been feeling much like sewing either. I'm always to tired to sew after all the gardening stuff.

My Clematis were just beautiful this year. They are almost done blooming.

One of my gardening friends 

Sitting in one of my big pots that has weeds growing in it. I'm still looking for red and pink impatiens that I usually plant in them.

He's cleaning up the seeds the birds spill from the bird feeders.

And the hummers have been here for about 3 weeks now. Isn't this little gal just gorgeous! Still trying to capture a shot of the male hummer.

Well it's 3:30 now and I guess I should try to get some sleep. I think I'm going to need a nap this afternoon.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Hi, Oh can I ever sympathize with you about that sleeping. I bet I work up 15 times last night, finally got up after 4:00. My husband doesn't understand one bit, he says if you are tired enough you will sleep. I am exhausted and can't sleep. Darn hormones. I have been neglecting my blogging, I read others blogs, but am to tired to leave comments. he he Love your pictures and your blog, sure hope you start sleeping better. hugs, Lecia

  2. The joy of the long weekends is you can sleep eat and garden anytime. I love that early rise when all is quiet and still.
    Not to worry I am always reading your posts but don`t always comment. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet blog too...LOL
    Your GKs are adorable and are very happy I would miss their smiling faces too...

  3. Bonsai looks like a great friend! Looks like he is trying to talk! lol! Your grandkids are adorable! Kids have a way of bringing happiness wherever they go! Great pics of the garden!

  4. Lecia, Yes the hormones are another thing that keeps me awake! Starting to get really frustrated about waking up with hot flashes!!! Can't remember the last time I slept without waking up once.


  5. I always enjoy your posts and your fantastic photos. Your Bonsai is adorable and so are your little grandkids!
    If you are still looking for flowers, you should check out Vanessa's Open Air Market in Coal Valley. They are on that main road going into town, just past Country Fair Mall. It's run by the sweetest older Spanish couple. The gentleman there is always so happy and helpful. My sister just took me out there this year. She does gardening as a side business and she loves Vanessa's.

  6. Bonsai is so cute! What a cute picture of your grandkids!

  7. Your clematis is beautiful! I think I trimmed mine back too late this year and probably won't get the pretty blooms on mine. :-(. Your grandkids are very sweet--I can see why you'd love that photo. For all the people that read your posts, probably only 10% comment, so don't think you're going unnoticed! ~Roberta

  8. ugh, sleepless nights~ don't like them, I have too many~
    Your kitty is pretty~Grands are precious~ Beautiful~ Beautiful flowers & wildlife~I have been enjoying the outside also~ just so hard to stay indoors this time of year~
    wishing you a goodnight sleep tonight~

  9. I just stopped by, I am so sorry you were awake I had one of those night too and I have that no sleep feeling in my head this morning.
    Your photos are lovely, and I can see how you would miss your sweet grand babies.
    Your flowers are so pretty. I have a cat like Bonsai and he goes every where with me too.
    When you do sew, your work is lovely and I enjoy seeing it all.
    I hope when you wake up, you have a beautiful day. I enjoy your blog by the way.

  10. I used to have that problem, but now I read and am out like a light within a half hour. Not sure if it is the cats claw that I take, but it seems that is when I started sleeping.


  11. Sleepless nights are the worst. Love your pictures and your creations. ~*~Lisa

  12. I usually don't have trouble sleeping, but I work until 2 am and so if he boys aren't quiet in the morning, like they were this morning, then after 3 hours of sleep I'm awake again. Most of the time I can get back to sleep, but I prefer getting my sleep in long continuous chunks, lol. Hopefully you can squeeze in a nap with Bonsai. :-)

  13. Oh goodness, you sound like me with your sleep patterns. Don't you just hate that.

    Your clematis looks wonderful. Mine doesn't look quite as nice as yours, but it's only in it's first year, but our weather has definitely been perfect for them to grow.

  14. You could have come help me cover the graveyard shift at work, maybe not huh! Love your pictures, I'm in the same boat, writing was never easy for me, but really I like blogs that are written the way you speak. Its very personal and pictures are worth a thousand words. Have a good day, maybe sleep will visit you tonight.

  15. Tammy,
    I don't call them hot flashes anymore because they are not flashes they last for hours in the night. If our summer gets hot I may try some hormones therapy, my doctor said I could use them for the hot seasons, and not during the winter, which last for 6 months here.
    Hugs, Carrie

  16. My kitty keeps me awake at night sometimes too. I have to kick her off my bed and out of my room. What beautiful grandchildren. What a joy:) What cute chipmunks. My kids would love to sit and watch them. Thanks for sharing. We all enjoy what you have to say.

  17. I have many a sleepless night too, I usually come downstairs and read or take Winslow Homer for a brief walk. What sweet grandchildren you have, very photogenic and kitty too! My first grandbaby is five days old, I just told my daughter in-law, "if Travis wakes in the night, call me and I will come and get him" REALLY? she said. "Yes, I replied, menopausal women don't sleep." I thank my lucky stars my son and his family live next door to Mr. Dog Trot and I. Wishing you sweet dreams...Julie.

  18. I can surely relate to all you posted. I'm a restless sleeper too but now my kitties can't sleep with me - daughter and grandson have allergies which prevented them from being in my home since I had indoor cats. We moved to the country and now my cats have a home in the back of the barn. They're safe and well cared for but still, that's not here with me as I'd like. But, the whole family can now come and stay as long as they wish. I also have neglected my blog...too much going on in mhy life right now, a mom with Alzheimer's, a faher-in-law who just passed, our old home to sell and now my father-in-law's and my mother's. Plus we've not finished going through all the totes we'd stored so we've moved in but have a ton of stuff in the barn to look through and sell or give away. I'm thinking we need to have a Red Barn Sale here. Sometimes I don't think anybody wants to read what I write either. I've lost some followers because I've not been blogging regularly but one has to be in the mood to blog. Hang in there. All of us who commented read what you wrote. (*v*)