Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Like Spring!

Hope I didn't jinx it by saying it's been more like Spring around here! Was a gorgeous 72º day today!!! Even went for a motorcycle ride with hubby for the first time this year.

Saw this beautiful creature in the raven by our house when coming home from our ride.

I believe she was nibbling on the daylilies down there.
Took a couple pictures of the Alcoa Eagle's nest from the Illinois side of the river looking over to the Iowa side where the nest is located in Davenport Iowa.
In the close up shot you can see the Eagle sitting on the side of the nest. Gives you an idea how really big the nest is!! You can also see the white webcam pointing down at the nest. Right now they are having technical problems with the webcam after we had a storm the other night. Here is a link to the Eagle webcam if it ever comes back on, if you want to view the eagles and eaglets. Aloca Webcam

In this shot you can barely see the nest. click on the pictures to get a closer view of the photos.
Earlier this week I ventured down to Sunset Marina and found American White Pelicans.You know it's Spring when the Pelicans come back!!

And this Robin seemed to pose for me. I was very close to him!!
So that's about all for now!


  1. Those are great shots, love them in flight.


  2. Morning, love the pictures of the wildlife, great shots.....Blessings Francine.