Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

We are finally getting our Summer heat. It seems Summer is way behind this year. Been mostly in the 90's all week. Had a record breaking temp the other day of 97ยบ. 

Finally things have slowed down a little with the phone case whirlwind! I've been so busy with orders and such that I haven't had time to work on Halloween. The Blue Ball Jar phone case has been a HUGE hit! I have also added photo pillow cases to my Red Oak Images etsy shop. I don't have as many pillow cases as the phone case, so if you see a image on a phone case you like that you would like in a pillow case, just let me know. 

Pillow Cases come in 3 different sizes....16" X 16", 18" X 18" and 20" X 20"

 I'm getting requests for a few old primitive items that I had made years. Need to get cracking on those things. I picked up a old wool blanket at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and thinking that would make some pretty cool primitive pumpkins. So Have that idea in my head right now. 

So that is what is been going on with me lately and trying to keep all my flowers alive with the awful heat we have been having. Every morning I'm outside watering! We need rain really bad. I think it's been about 3 weeks!!

Almost forgot to tell about my experience with growing potatoes!! Last fall I bought what is called a potato bag. You grow potatoes in a bag that is made of a porous fabric. I had never grown potatoes of any kind before. It was super easy! 

In the Spring I bought Red Pontiac seed potatoes. You cut potatoes up in cubes and make sure you have at least one eye on each. Fill your bag with about 4 inches of soil and place you seed potatoes in the bottom. Cover with a couple inches of soil. As the potatoes grow add more soil to the bag. They say every 8 inches of growth add soil. I had a little trouble with the deer eating the plants in the end of the growing season. We harvested the potatoes last Sunday and had about 5 pounds of taters!! Not bad I think for a beginner in a bag! LOL

Purchased my bag at Gardener's Supply Company  

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend my blogging friends!!!


  1. Those are beautiful, love the designs. I am trying to think of themes for my daughter and might go with art, so we can be more flexible and make it fun.


  2. If I had an iPhone... I'd get the Ball Jar case for it too! :-) Thanks for the potato tip! I had always thought about trying one of those bags but never followed through with it... looks like next year it will be a must have! Gardener's Supply has the neatest stuff...