Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Primitive Icicle Snowman Ornies

Finished the most adorable Primitive Icicle Snowmen Ornaments yesterday. They are newly listed in my Etsy Shop now! I'm selling them in a set of 6.

I have a huge Oak Tree in our back yard that drops the most perfect acorns. I was out looking for tree branches for my owl ornies that I make and came across a ton of the acorn caps laying on the ground. So I collect a bunch and tried to think of something to make with them and thought of these ornaments! What do you say.....should I make a pattern???

Last week I made up a couple more of my Primitive Owl Ornies as I sold the very last one last week in my etsy shop.

They too are now listed in my Shop here----->Rock River Stitches

Making this post very short....Working on a Santa Doll and hope I can get him finished the end of the week!!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!! Yes, you should make a pattern. :) I wish we had oak trees here. Great job!


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