Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Primitive Decoupage Easter Eggs

Finished up another set of my Primitive Easter Eggs. These eggs are made with blown out Goose eggs. They are a good size bigger than a chicken egg. This set of 6 eggs does come with the wood excelsior to make that primitive egg display. Wooden bowl not included.

This set of prim eggs and excelsior is ready to purchase in my Rock River Stitches etsy shop!   

Lately I've been spending a lot of my time on my Red Oak Images Photography etsy shop

I've started selling my photography prints in my shop! I'm very excited about this!

In other news now that the weather has warmed up I've taken up walking. Where I walk is along the Mississippi River, I'm very fortunate to see Bald Eagles in the trees. They winter here to fish out of the Mississippi River.

How majestic are these birds!!!

Here is a shot I took of the Eagles in a tree. I've witnessed many times where there were many more birds in a tree then this. I think this winter was a record breaker for the eagle population. Both of these photos can be purchased from my Red Oak Images Photography etsy shop. 


  1. Wonderful eggs and they look beautiful in the moss. We have a pair of hawks, but no eagles, must be amazing to see so many all together like that.


  2. The eggs are so pretty. They look so good in the nest. Eagles are really magnificent creatures. We don't have any around here. Great photos you made :)

  3. I've just had a peep at your Etsy shop ~ you have some very lovely thing for sale!