Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some Quiet Time Now

Things have settled down now after the big Feature on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. I was crazy busy packing up sold items and answering emails. Even after my time was up for being featured, the sales kept coming in the rest of the week. I sold over 3/4 of the finished items I had made and tons of patterns!

So now I am trying to build up the inventory in my shop for Christmas. I'm officially done with creating for Halloween. 

Here is my last Halloween item I finished the other day. It's now for sale in my shop.

It's made from a very old pattern of mine from 2008. I had only made one finished item back then and since then sold many of the pattern. To see this cutie go to my etsy shop here Rock River Stitches Etsy Shop

This sweet gal, I just listed today! She is available in my shop now.

I'm working on a few of my little scrappy birds right now. My last one sold during the feature. These are of past birds that have found their forever homes.

I believe the Fall Color around here is close to peak. Took a fantastic walk this morning in the fog and got some amazing photos!

And even found this spiderweb with dew on it!

I'm still mastering the skill in photographing spiderwebs. Very tricky.

Well that's all for now. Please stop back soon! I should have some of my birds ready!


  1. Love the new piece, have never seen that one. I also love your scrappy birds and your foliage is beautiful. We still have some foliage and some trees still beginning to turn.


  2. I love that kitty cat. I am so glad you did so well. I was curious as to if being featured brought in lots of sales. My Etsy store has just been opened three weeks now so I am really learning a lot. I enjoyed seeing your feature.

  3. I think fall might be my favorite time for all the primitive decor! I just LOVE those little birds! ~Karen


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