Monday, January 12, 2015

Shhhhh.....Fox's Sleeping

Wow...Where has the time gone since my last post! After a much needed vacation with family and break from sewing, I'm back at it!

Have these adorable Fox Pincushions available in my etsy shop now! Rock River Stitches

And I'm in the process of filling my etsy shop back up with a flock of my Primitive Owl Ornies! This guy is ready to fly to his new home!

Not a whole lot of anything else going on. From time to time I do get my camera out and photograph wildlife.

Black Squirrel digging for his supper. Been getting snow every couple of days now.

Bought myself a heated birdbath this year. I'm amazed at how many birds and squirrels come to it! Little Goldfinch and House Finch getting a drink.

A couple of Female Dark Eyed Juncos shooting the breeze.

And a Male Dark Eyed Junco on the newly fall snow, searching for a bite to eat.


  1. Wonderful new pieces and I do like the look of your owls. I can see where you get your inspiration from with all of the photos of the wildlife in your area.


  2. I always love seeing your work and your photographs. I love that one with the black squirrel in the snow.


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