Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Awesome Fall Color!!

I think I picked the perfect day to visit Blackhawk State Park. I'm pretty sure the trees are at their peak this week. It's gorgeous just driving around the Quad Cities. It was a beautiful sunny 71ยบ day! It was the warmest day we have had in month. Blackhawk Park has some of the biggest oak trees you have ever seen. I am so lucky that this park is only 5 mintues away from me. Enjoy the pics!


  1. What gorgeous shots! Happy fall to you!

    Blessings, Kimberly

  2. I agree, it was a perfect day for a walk at the park.
    Our foliage is slow in this area, but turning now.


  3. What a beautiful place! If you only 5 min. from you, your neck of the woodds must be as beautiful. I think I would have to take a walk there every day until it was to cold! lol ♥ Mercy

  4. OMGosh!!! could we have been there on the same day Tammy? Wow my daughter Tammy and I went and took some photos at Black Hawk state Park too. Please run over and check out my blog with some awesome shots of the bluff along the Rock.

    While I am here in the midwest for a few more months we should find time to meet each other! I would just love to have lunch or something girlie!!!

    Blessings Maggie =)
    Cedar Hill Rustics

  5. Loved seeing your fall pictures! What a beautiful season!

  6. Those are so pretty......and I bet you had a hard time deciding what photos that you took to post on here!
    If only peak would stay a little longer.

  7. Beautiful pics...all of our leaves are on the ground! Happy Halloween ~Natalie

  8. Wow, wow, and WOW!!!! Fantastic fall pictures!