Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brown Paper Bag Recipe Card

Here's a clever way to recycle those brown paper bags into recipe cards! Open the bag at the seams and lay flat. Trace a sheet of printer paper to fit in your printer. It's OK if your brown paper is a little wrinkled, it adds character. If your paper bag has printing on one side, make sure you put the printed side up into your printer. Then print out your cards! You can cut another card the same size and glue them together to make your card more sturdy. I didn't with mine. You can google free recipe card templates and come up with lots of places. I got mine from the hp Creative Studio site.

Boy was it a crisp cool day today. It only got up to 60ยบ. At least it was sunny. We've had rain the last two days. Got out and did a little cleanup work in my yard and took some pics of my mums that are blooming. I have some white ones and purple that are just getting ready to bloom. Can hardly believe that it's October already! Where did summer go??? Didn't seem like we had one this year. Going to get out and plant some tulip bulbs this week that I got yesterday.


  1. great idea...and what pretty flowers!

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I usually give yummy Christmas cookie recipes on stamped holiday cards to the first 30 buyers at my Christmas shows. I am going to do recipes on brown bags instead of the cards I usually use. They look so much more prim. Your flowers are very pretty!

  3. I love my mums too..they hate to get wet though..we had the same weather you had..was yours blustery too? have a great week ahead.:)

  4. I think I left the wrong comment on your blog...If I put Kimberly on the title I apologize..about that...the rest is the same though..(okay it must be my bedtime..) I think I am goofy..;)

  5. This is a great idea and your flower pictures are beautiful.

  6. Hi Tammy. Your mums are just beautiful!!!! I too feel like we barely had a summer but that's okay with me..I'm a cold weather and snow gal!

    Great idea for the recipe cards :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    Hugs, Doreen

  7. What a wonderful idea...isn't it great how we can all glean new ideas from each other? Thank You!
    I like Deb - Crows on the Cupola idea for her shows.

    Beautiful Mums.



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