Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day at the Zoo!

What a perfect day! Took our granddaughter for her first trip to the zoo. She just loved it. And of course everything she saw was with a outburst of "Ba" We are trying to teach her words and she wants to call everything "Ba". Cora loved the petting zoo with all goats that you could feed and pet. I especially loved seeing my all time favorite, the giraffes. They are so beautiful. Enjoy the pics.

Tara my daughter, with my granddaughter Cora

Cora and the baby goats

Cora's first ride on the Merry Go Round. Tara, Cora and my Hubby


  1. What a fun looking day! Beautiful family!

  2. I haven't been to the zoo all summer. Looks like Cora enjoyed herself.

  3. How fun to see her smile. I used to love taking my kids to the zoo. There is nothing like a child to make life an adventure.


  4. Tammy,

    Looks like everyone had fun....even grandpa!


  5. Kids make simple things seem fun. I would love a baby to take to the zoo!!! I am not having one...I will wait another 15 years for a xxxRobby

  6. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day and good weather. Your granddaughter is so cute..

    Have a wonderful day


  7. Hello I love your work am from Argentina here art does not exist the folk the primitive dolls either my I like to them very much and I make them to myself order you a greeting from here and congratulate you on everything!! Your baby is beautiful!!!!!!! Vero