Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our 2009 Fall Trip

Monday morning we left for a short little trip up north to see the fall leaves. We ran into some light rain then it turned into snow flurries. We got to La Crosse Wisconsin and stayed the night. We went with our best friends/neighbors, who were so nice to let my hubby drive one of his corvettes! We drove his silver car and they drove the red one. It was so fun!! Boy those cars are hard to get in and out of! LOL Then Tuesday morning we got up and headed back down towards Illinois on the Iowa side of the Mississippi river. They have a scenic route called the Great River Road which was so pretty! We stopped at a park in McGregor Iowa and walked on some of the trails and got some great pics. McGregor is a great little town with lots of little shops. I did find one primitive shop there called Navy Rose Co and a bunch of antique shops which we visited, but didn't get anything. Next year we are going to plan a longer then 2 day trip. Enjoy the pics!

Pikes Peak State Park had some great trails to walk on!

The corvettes we drove! Fun! Can you see me sitting in the silver one?

Some Great Fall Color!

The Mississippi River between Iowa and Wisconsin


  1. Gorgeous pictures of the fall colors! And what a classic chariot!

  2. Gorgeous scenery, looks like a place I would enjoy going to.


  3. What a nice trip! My dad lives in Iowa, so I've been through some of the areas you talked about.
    You sure had a nice ride!

  4. How beautiful! I love road trips like this! Sounds like you had a really good time. ♥ Mercy

  5. Such 'Beautiful' photo's for you to share...
    Nice RIDE if you can get it, and you surly had Cinderellas Pumpkin turn for you...
    Love the islands photo...
    Enjoy your 'Colorful' Autumn and SNOW???

    My Best~Marilyn


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