Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Well here it is, another July 4th. At least its not pouring down rain all day, like last year! It's just overcast with a chance of showers. No big events really for today just having daughter and boyfriend over later to do fireworks.

Took a few pictures of things growing in my yard today. I've got 2 tomatoes that I should pick in a day or two. And a cucumber that is almost ready to pick. It's getting pretty big. Not sure when I'm suppose to pick it. I've never been sucessful growing them until this year. I tried last year for the first time, with not one cucumber. So I'm pretty excitied! So if anyone knows let me know. It's about 7" long.

And I'm excitied about my green peppers too! I was only able to grow just 1 last year and it was huge too! So now I've got 5 little baby peppers growing nicely!

Yesterday I finally transplanted my succulents into their new hypertufa planters that I made in May. I absolutely love the way they turned out!!

And here are a few flowers that are showing there stuff right now. I just love using the macro setting on my camera!
Little bumbler on my Astilbe

This is a close up of a flower on my hosta plant

And always my favorite Petunias

A beautiful Daylily

Just for fun lately, for something different to do, I've been making these little coin purses. I recently posted these 2 bird ones in my etsy shop. I made them from vintage cutter tablecloths and old fabric and wool from the goodwill. Working on a penny rug one that I've taken scraps of wool from a cutter crazy quilt that I bought a couple of years ago. That quilt sure has come in handy for many projects over the years. I sure did get my moneys worth out of that thing! I will be listing it in my etsy shop tomorrow.


  1. HAPPY 4TH!
    The rain held off here too - got the parade in and then it started to cloud up, a bit of wind and then just a few we got lucky.

    I love your coin purses and what a unique idea using the retro towels....and the adorable bird stitched on...too sweet!


  2. OMGosh, forgot about your vegies....yum.
    I think this growing season started out so early with all the great hot weather that everything is at a bumper growth this season. We've even noticed a difference this year.
    Your plants look so nice and healthy.


  3. OH! And a Happy 4th to you and yours too! :D

  4. I love the pictures of your veggies and flowers and especially your little bird change purses! Great job! Linda

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I love your birdie purses, the color combinations are lovely. You might want to go ahead and pick your cucumber, unless it's one of the long, seedless varieties, it is plenty big enough. Most types get too large seeds if you leave them too long, for pickling varieties, 3" to 4" is the right size. I really enjoy your blog. Happy 4th of July to you as well.

  6. Your firework pictures came out better than mine.
    Your veggies and flowers are beautiful. I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen, but they are coming in now, so will have more than enough this year.

    Love the blue purse, and like the idea of using vintage fabrics.


  7. Your floweres look beautiful!! I have picked cucumbers already but am waiting on the tomatoes. I plant the grape kind b/c I am the only one who eats them. I pick cucumbers when they are skinnier than your picture. We like them like that. Your coin purses are just too cute....what a great idea.

  8. Love your garden pictures! Everything looks healthy and happy. Fresh veggies from the garden are always a treat.

    And your little purses are so cute! Love the applique idea.

  9. Gorgeous photos!!!!

    I always enjoy your blog! :-)


  10. Oh my goodness, the birds are FANTASTIC. I love chickadees. Aren't they always cheerful? Even when it's -10° below? :)

    Nice photos!!!

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