Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few New Things!

Been very busy this past week working on Halloween and other things. Listed this Woodland Pumpkin guy last night in my etsy shop. He's kind of mossy, looks like he was picked from the forest. I know pumpkins don't grow in forests. LOL
Just have to say we are being rewarded with beautiful weather the last couple of days. Less humidty and temps in the upper 70's. Couldn't ask for anything better! Just hope it stays that way all the way through the 4th!

Today I made these little coin purses with scraps from my huge stash of fabric. Thought it would be a fun project to try. Super simple and fast to make. I think they are quite cute! Going to try making more with my vintage tablecloths that I've made some of my birds with. Need to get a few more zippers tomorrow. 
These are now listed in my etsy shop


  1. Very nice. Love the pumpkin man. too cute.

  2. Those are fun pieces. I haven't done zippers in ages, so need to relearn how to do them, so I can make pouches as gifts.


  3. The pumpkin is adorable!! And so are the coin purses! Great job!

  4. You come up with the most adorable dolls and patterns! I wish I had your talent/imagination! Hugs!

  5. Love the pumpkin man. He looks like he could live in the forest just fine. The coin purses are cute. Happy 4th!


  6. I love your woodland pumpkin guy! I will be visiting one of your shops to pick up that pattern. I know my mom would probably love me to make one of those for her. Great design! ~Laura


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