Friday, June 4, 2010

My Garden Tour

Got out today and took some photos of everything growing and blooming in my yard. I think this is the best our yard has looked this year in a long time. Just the right amount of rain, temps and sun makes for a good growing season. I already have 2 tomatoes that are a little bigger then a golf ball. Everything is growing like weeds along with the weeds and all the baby trees from the maple and oak trees. So here is my garden tour.
Don't forget to click on the pics to see a larger view.

                                                    Stella de Oro Daylily

                                  Begonia Hanging Basket

                                              Side Perennial Garden

Stella de Oro Daylily

Impatiens and Vinca Vine hanging basket

Marigolds and don't remember the name of the purple flowers LOL

My Garden Shed. I have growing in pots, on my concrete bench, cucumbers, green peppers, Cilantro and ornamental kale

Dazzler Pink and Red Impatiens

Purple Wave petunias and collection of succulents

My Miniture Hosta's
They are from the Mouse Ear Collection
You can see the size difference between them and the regular size hosta's they are next to.

I've got 2 new dresses that will be listed in my etsy shop tonight.


  1. Your gardens are beautiful and so are your flowers.


  2. Wow, you have so many beautiful flowers and the color....they all just pop.
    I have so much shade all I get are yellow, white, purple and lots of

    Enjoyed your tour.

  3. Beautiful Garden! We're way behind you, we've had a lond wet and cold snap. Froze the blooms off my wysteria:(

  4. love your garden!!! and love those little dresses..;) have a wonderful weekend.:>)

  5. Your gardens are beautiful...enjoy the pictures..Lisa

  6. Loved your garden tour and those dresses are adorable!!

  7. Your flower gardens are gorgeous!

  8. Loved the garden tour. Really liked the succulents.Those dresses are so cute. I have garden photos from last year on my blog. Hope to add new ones soon.

  9. Hi Tammy:) Oh such pretty flowers. I love those day lillies. We have those:) oh, and you know I love your lil handmade dresses on their lil hangers. Too cute and I want more.

  10. Tammy,

    Thanks for the lovely garden tour. I didn't see a single weed. Love the mini hostas. Where did you ge them?

  11. Hi Tammy,

    I love your gardens! You certainly do have a green thumb. I'd never heard of miniature hostas until I saw yours. They're so cute! Thanks for the pics.

  12. hello, i found you on Mod Podge Rocks. your garden is fabulous! love all your crafty things too.

  13. Your garden is beautiful. I think the purple flowers are sage. :)


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