Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life is Good

Here are 3 more dress ornies I'm listing in my Etsy shop tonight. These are selling great!

Had such a fun day yesterday out on the Mississippi!! Got to walk through the ewwwy goooy as my sister calls it. On the bottom of the Mississippi is this very thick mud. Had to walk through it to get to the sand bar out in the middle of the river. We parked our lawn chairs out there, hung out with friends and just watched the world go by. It was a great 30th anniversary!

Planted my succulents this weekend into the 3 hypertufa pots that I made in April. Still waiting for my other pots to cure.


  1. I was in ohio once and they had muddy rivers, feels yukky to me, lol. I am used to sand or rocks. I do wear my kayak boots though, never know what is crawling on the bottom;) Love your planters, those are really unique and work beautifully with the plants.


  2. Congrats! Appears you had a great anniversary! BTW, I had glasses as big as yours! Remember we thought they were so cool!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice cool day. Love the planters.

  4. Happy 30th to you too! You deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS!
    *clapping* and *smiling*

    Thanks for your visit with me and tell grandaughter Cora hello from another Cora!! :)

  5. Tammy, thanks for stopping by. I was actually on your blog today. I love your garden shed! You have a way with the garden~I have all this intention and then I can never pull it off with the garden and plantings. I admire someone who can tend to a lush lawn. Stop by again and enjoy your evening!