Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early Work Mercantile

Time for a new update at Early Work Mercantile! I have a couple new items for sale starting today! I have my sweet little simple prim pig.

And one of my Primitive Crow Heart Make Do's

Be sure to check out the other artist there! There is some amazing work there. I'm proud to be among them.

The other day it was perfect weather so I decided to read the paper out on the deck. While out there I noticed a chickadee coming to one of my feeders continuously. It would get a seed fly up to a branch, crack it open and fly to a bird house that we have on our back fence by the lilac bush. Then fly back to the feeder. I then discovered that the chickadee's were nesting in there. I had no idea. This bird house is in such terrible shape. I'm very surprised that they are nesting in there. The roof has a big hole in it. When my hubby first put that bird house up around 12 years ago, all I got in it was sparrows for the first couple of years then nothing after that. I got my camera and got a few shots of one of the babies leaving the nest!!!!!!!

And also while out on the deck, I was able to capture a shot of a cute little chipmunk. My hubby hates these critters. They are all over the place.

And here are how my apple gourd seeds are doing. I planted 10 seeds and only 3 of them sprouted. Took them about 2 weeks to pop up through the ground after I planted them.

Here's a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly that landed on our hedges the other day. It was attracted to the tiny white flowers blooming. Why couldn't it have landed on one of my many beautiful flowers I have growing!??? It's poor wing (left) was pretty damaged. It didn't seem to have any trouble flying.

And here is a view of my side garden by our back door.

Click on picture to get a better view.

Well that's it for now. Need to get back to my sewing. Orders are awaiting!


  1. Love the critters, stuffed and real.
    I made some pillows and thinking I need to make some larger items to sit on tables, have enough patterns somewhere around here, lol.


  2. All of your critters are so cute! What a great photo of the chipmunk!

  3. I see chipmunks on my walks that I would love to catch & bring home. Oh but my cats eat them. They are so cute. Your flower bed is filled full. Beautiful. Blessings!

  4. Love that chickadee! It's amazing how we get rewarded when we observe! Pretty flower garden too!

  5. Gosh what a beautiful photo of the chickadee!!!