Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Design!

Been so busy with this warm weather, planting flowers and sewing. I've added a couple of new coin purses to my etsy shop. They are just a tad smaller then what I was making before. Here are two that I just put in my etsy shop last night.

                                             Click here, Rock River Stitches to go to my shop!

In other news I was lucky enough to have Baltimore Orioles come to my feeders! Hummingbird feeders to be exact! I did go out and buy a oriole feeder but haven't seen them on it yet. I don't know if they have passed me by now. I did have them for about a week. Here are a few photos that I captured.

The above photos are of the male oriole. Isn't he just gorgeous!!

And these below pics are of the female who arrived a few days after the male did. She is so pretty too, I think.

And I was lucky enough to capture more pics of the Rose-breasted grosbeak family!!

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the rain eating corn. If you looks close you can see the raindrops on her head

Here you can see how big these birds are compared to others. The smaller bird is a white crowned sparrow. They are a little smaller then a normal size sparrow.

 Mr. Rose-breasted Grosbeak posing for me!!

And finally got a couple's photo. Let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Rose-breasted Grosbeak!!

And yesterday I got the most cutest photo!!!
This little chipmunk was helping himself to grape jelly that I had set out for the orioles!!


  1. Wonderful new pieces and I love your nature shots, really beautiful birds and that chipmunk is so cute.


  2. Super set of avian images Tammy. The colour of the Oriole is amazing.

    Thanks for visiting and joining 'The Early Birder' ... I will reciprocate.

  3. manythanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us, these birds are so gorgeous