Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Primitive Prairie Doll

Finshed up this sweet little prairie doll and have her listed in my etsy shop. I love the way she turned out. I made one for my granddaughter too, but had to make her unstained by request by my daughter. She don't care for the stained look.

What a beautiful weekend we had! Couldn't have asked for better weather. I would say it was perfect! Sunny and 80ยบ! In a couple of days I think the first of my tomatoes will be ready to pick! It will be awhile before my cucumbers will be ready. They aren't growing very fast. They are about the size of pickles right now. And I have one red bell pepper plant with just one huge pepper on it. Is that normal for a pepper plant to just have one?? I've never grown them before.


  1. The doll is perfect! How adorable!

  2. we have green pepper plants and we are on our 2nd pepper...seems to grow a big one..we pick it.and then the other is growing...we have a bunch of tomatoes some the size of my fist...but they are still green..we have 10 zuchinnis, and 5-6 yellow squash..the zuchinis are getting squishy on the ends..picked our first one of the season..had some tonight..sauted them in clarified butter with some garlic and salt and pepper..yummy..will do the rest on tuesday...gotta pick those others and grate them and put in 2 cup baggies for zuchinni bread this winter...:)

  3. Your doll is adorable and I love Prairie dolls - I have a couple of them.

    I don't make pickles anymore but when I was younger and we had gardens we put up lots of our own vegies/pickles and what fun!