Monday, July 20, 2009

Cora's 1st Birthday Party

Oh my gosh I've been so busy the last 3 days, haven't had time to do any sewing at all! Friday was my mom's birthday. All of the family went out to dinner to celebrate. It was a really good time! Then Saturday was busy getting ready for Cora's birthday party and had a wedding shower to go to also. Then Sunday was the big party day for Cora! We had it at my house because my daugther and son in law's place is very small. The weather was perfect, but a little cool for July! My daughter made Cora's birthday cake all out of fruit. They like to eat everything organic. I can hardly believe Cora will be 1 year old on Friday the 24th! Now that all the celebrating is over, I can get back to work on some new projects!!


  1. What a sweet little face!
    Looks like that was fun.

    Summers are hard to stay behind the sewing machine! I am finding it hard myself to stay focused with it as I love being outside so much!!


  2. Aww...look at her little face. Happy Birthday Cora! That cake looks amazing..that could not have been an easy thing to looks very involved! She's talented!

    :)Have a wonderful day!

  3. She is precious and I love the name!!


  4. Cora is adorable! Happy birthday to her! That cake is amazing - love it!

  5. What a wonderful birthday and a beautiful family you have. Love the fruit cake, very different and fun. I cannot eat cake, that would be something fun to try.


  6. Looks like she was having fun! Cute! The cake looks awesome!

  7. What a little cutie!!! That cake is amazing! Looks sooooooooooo yummy!

  8. What a the big puppy! Cora looks like she likes him too!


  9. Happy Birthday to little Cora and what a fabulous cake! A tutorial on how to make one of these would be awesome! It looks so good!

    Cathy ♥

  10. She's an absolute DOLL :)

    Happy Bithday wishes to Cora, sorry it's a bit late.


  11. Even though it's a bit late...congrats on all the things to celebrate! That "fruit" cake looks amazing and what a beautiful little girl that Cora is!


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