Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Primitive Folk Art Crow Brooch Pin

The other day I was going through one of my drawers of things I don't know what to do with, and I found this little tiny crow that I made a couple of years ago. A light bulb went on and I thought, this little guy would make a perfect prim crow pin. So I dug out the pattern that I had made for it and made 3 more. He measures 4" tall by 1" wide at his body. He will be listed in my etsy shop tonight.

Finally had some warmer weather today!! We were in the upper 20's!!! Tomorrow in the middle 30's! woo hoo!


  1. Cute bird! :) Glad that you are having warmer weather now. For me I wish it is cooler at my side of the world. It's always above 30 here :(

    God Bless

  2. cute crow! i see a glimmer of sun in our sky today.. hooray!! ;)

  3. Awe, that is sweet, I love crows! Our weather here in Oregon is mild right now, we aren't getting rain at the moment, but it was windy last night, and I've heard there's more to come. As long as everyone is safe, I like stormy weather, though.

  4. Oh my, he's super cute!!
    Blessings to you~ Birgit


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