Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apple Gourd Bird House

I spent a few days this week planting flowers in my yard. And I still have much more to do. Also we had a record breaking temp this last week with a high of 93º!! Crazy I say!! Now today it's cloudy, rainy and only 52º!! The norm for right now is the lower 70's!!! I wish the weather would make up it's mind!!!

Today I got my hubby to cut a hole in my apple gourd to turn it into a bird house for me!! Here it is hanging in my burning bush! I think it looks like a pretty cozy house to live in! hehe 

I thought about painting it, but decided I liked just the way it looks, al naturale. I couldn't believe how many seeds were inside when I cleaned it out! Call me crazy, but I counted them! LOL There were 320!! So I planted a few today and will see what happens!! Excited!! You can get them to climb on a trellis or they can grow on the ground. They just need lots of room to spread out.

So, since I have so many seeds I thought I would give them away. Just contact me via email and I'll give you my mailing address. All you have to do is send me a SASE (self address stamped envelope) and I send your 10 free seeds!!!!

Here is what my apple gourd looked like last fall in my fall gathering!

And in other news..... Starting tomorrow I will be selling a few of my items at Early Work Mercantile! I start selling tomorrow May 15th! I'm very honored to be asked to sell among some of the finest primitive artist around!!!

Click this link "Early Work Mercantile" to visit some of the most amazing talent around!


  1. I have grown gourds, bottle neck, but never the apple. I love how your gourd looks as a bird house and I am sure the birds will love it too. I would love to have some seeds, I can't believe you actually counted them!!LOL. My e-mail address is and I would be happy to send a self enclosed stamped envelope. Thank you for your generosity. Hugs, Julie.

  2. That is a neat idea for a birdhouse, love the natural look.


  3. Love the apple gourd!! It does look like a cozy little home for the birds!

    Congratulations on joining the Early Work Mercantile group!

  4. Congratulations!!! I'll go check out the link. And that little gourd birdhouse is adorable!

  5. Could I kindly ask you to e-mail me once again with your mailing address, my computer does not appear to be coorporating! Thank you, Julie.