Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Wildlife

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day outside planting flowers and cleaning up some of my other flower beds that I hadn't gotten to yet since winter. I like to take small breaks during my yard work. I get myself a glass of ice water and sit in my lawn chair and watch the wildlife in my backyard. Sometimes I get my camera and see what I can capture. I discovered not only do the deer like my hosta's but so do the rabbits!

This bunny took about 3 nibbles and then was on it's way.

 Then I saw a wren checking out the new house listed on the block. I think it was only looking and not ready to buy yet.

Then saw this robin searching for insects and worms. It was finding quite a few from what I could see.

So the other day my hubby emailed some pictures from where he was working. He is a technician for a heating and air conditioning company. He was on a roof top of a huge building repair one of the air conditioner units and what did he find inside of that unit? A nest with baby birds in it!!! He said that he was there the day before and all he saw was a nest with light blue eggs. They had hatched overnight.

I'm pretty sure they are robins. I'm always hearing about robins building their nests in the most craziest places.

And here is a shot of one of the units like the one that had the nest in it.

And on that same roof not to far away he discovers another nest!!! Out in the open in the rocks. He saw the bird that the nest belonged too, but couldn't get a picture of it. He said it was freaking out. Doing a little dance like it was injured to scare him away. We looked up in my bird books to try to figure out what it was and it called a Willet. It's like a sandpiper. This building he was at was next to the Mississippi river.

click on the picture and you can see the 4 eggs better.

This picture is from the website All About Birds


I think hubby still has to go back there to do more work. I hope he can get some more pics of the baby birds.

And here are some flower pics that I took this week!!!

This is a Purple Columbine that I've had in my garden for many years. I used to have many, but I only have one left now.

And I just LOVE Coleus! Here is one of the more interesting ones that I planted this year.

And my petunia's. I was able to get some really cool new ones this year!!

This is Phantom

Black Velvet

Raspberry Blast

And this one I am so excitied to get it this year. It was a new plant last year.
It's called Pretty Much Picasso! Isn't it amazing!!!!


  1. You take the most wonderful photos.
    What kind of camera are you using and do you point and shoot or make adjustments?


  2. Thank you Debbie! I have a Canon Rebel XS. About all I do to the pictures is sharpen them a little bit with my paint shop pro. I think the more pictures you take the better you get at it. I love taking pictures!


  3. As always your wild life and flowers pics are wonderful!
    Oh those silly rabbits!
    We have many of those birds that lay there eggs in the rocks around here in WI. We call them Killdeer
    Thanks for sharing ~ enjoyed!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Robin, you are probably right about the killdeer. Hubby didn't get a real good look at it.


  5. Beautiful pictures!! The rabbit is my favorite!! I love bunnies!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  6. I'm a big fan of coleus, too. Yours is really gorgeous! I don't remember seeing any like that, but I'd love to plant some. Those are mighty hungry little birds! ~Roberta

  7. Those are awesome pics:) It's good to take little breaks while working. Look at all God's lil creatures working around you.

  8. My heart is melting from seeing those gorgeous petunia blooms! The black one is spectacular! Birds will find the most creative places for their nests! We have a robin nest at the top bend of one of our gutters. That one nest looks like a killdeer nest to me and the momma does that crazy dance to try to entice the intruders away from the nest.

    And I see that Marty is sampling your hostas, the rascal!

  9. Donna, Yep that's Marty eating my hosta's! I posted that just for you! Yep... I now know that bird is a killdeer. Just hope hubby goes back to that job so he can get more pictures.


  10. I have never seen petunias in those colours. I especially like the picasso one. Very unusual.
    Great pictures as always.


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