Saturday, May 17, 2014

Perfect Saturday!

Finally No Rain!! It's a gorgeous sunny Saturday! Hopefully my veggie garden can start to grow now. Heavens know that we have enough rain last week! 

I have 3 more of my Fine Art Photo Coin Purses listed in my Red Oak Images Etsy Shop!

These are so perfect for a Graduation gift, Birthday or even Bridesmaid gifts. And never too early to get started on your Christmas Shopping! Eeeks...Don't even want to think about that. LOL

I plan get be adding more of these sweet little purses as I get the fabric printed. You can find them here in my etsy shop ----> Etsy

Oh and have a new phone case now for all those Vintage Button Collectors and Ball Jar Lovers!

My cases come in all the iphones and Samsung Galaxy versions. I offer the Slim Case and the Tough Case which is very popular. Nice soft rubber around the inside of the case. Great for the person who is always dropping their phone! I have the tough case on my phone and LOVE it!

And in the Bird World around my house...I am so happy to see these Goldfinches with their bright yellow feathers now!

And a couple of weeks ago the Baltimore Orioles were here for just 4 short days. That's about how long they stay. They sure did gobble up my oranges, grape jelly and nectar!

Two of the most colorful birds around!!!!

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  1. The birds are so beautiful, love the colors. We do have finches that come around, but they are shy and fly off if I go out.