Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ready for Spring!

I know...We still have many more weeks of Winter according to that ground hog. We are having a very snowy week so far. And more snow for Friday and Saturday! Most we have had all winter.

So I will just be happy with what ever weather we get. I do get some amazing photos in snowy weather though.

Here are a few sweet birdies that I recently made. Trying to get into Spring Mode!

The top left lighter colored bird has been sold. The other three are waiting for their forever homes :) They can be found in my etsy shop at Rock River Stitches 

I like to feed the Squirrels and Bluejays year round with peanuts in the shell. I'm always amazed at the Bluejays colors!

 Isn't he just gorgeous! I can always hear them up in the trees when they are close by waiting for their peanut breakfast. A very loud bird, indeed!

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. The birds are wonderful, love the little touches to make each one different.
    We have lots of birds and 4 pairs of blue jays, but they don't stay still long enough to photograph.



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