Sunday, March 4, 2018

New In My Etsy!

Hello my blogger friends! Anyone out there? I find less and less people read or post on blogs anymore. What do you think? I can't stop posting as I feel I would let some faithful friends down with my updates. 

Anyway...Back when I first starting creating Primitive creations, I think around 2006, I kept probably way too many creations. I'm not sure this style of home decor is my thing anymore. So I've decided to let go some that I couldn't let go when I created them. I will slowly be adding them to my etsy shop.

The little Bunny was the very first rabbit doll I made, that lead to making a pattern for her, which I enlarged her size for the pattern. The Twig Chair is also included with her. I found that little gem at a thrift store. 


The cute bear was made with a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm. I believe it was the only one I made and then I kept it for myself.

 So if you are interested in these cuties, they can be found in my etsy shop here---->
Rock River Stitches

Have a wonderful Sunday! Spring is on it's way!

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  1. I work two jobs, so my blogging time is limited. But I still feel close to my blogger friends. I have made some wonderful friend through blogger. It seems like FB has taken over. I love your creations and admire your awesome talent. Please don't stop blogging. Hugs, Lecia