Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged!! How the Business Name Came to Be

I've been tagged by Kathy of Hazelruthe's to tell you how I got my name. I picked my name from a river that is close to me, the Rock River. I live in Rock Island,Il. Actually I live by two rivers, one on each side of me, the Mississippi and the Rock. The Rock River is flooding right now, because of all the rain we have had lately and the spring thawing going on. Lots of people that live right along the river have had to move out. I feel for them. Not really to exciting about my name, but that's how I got it. :)

I guess now I have to tag 3 others and see how they got their names!
Doreen of Vermont Harvest
Kris of Painted Kreations
Maggie of Cedar Hill Rustics


  1. Hi Tammy.... so good to see you again.... and Hello Rock Island. My old stomping grounds or close to it. Know the area very well. New Mexico is so far away. Any way I think I am supose to take the logo and tell you how I got my name on my site. Glad to do it. I am adding you to my blog so I can find you more easily.....
    Blessings My Friend,

  2. Hi Tammy. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for tagging me. I'll get someone up on my blog today.



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