Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few More Prim Santa's

Finished up this Santa doll today. His coat, hat and cape are made from some wool that I bought at an estate sale, 3 yards for $3.00. This lady had a mountain of fabric for sale. Got a bunch of other wool too. Santa will be listed in my etsy shop tonight. I'm having great fun creating these Santa's. My favorite part is needle felting their beards. They really come to life after that. I think I better order some more sheep's wool!

This is a Santa Make Do that I finished yesterday and is listed now in my etsy shop.

Here's Luna who's been living with us for about a month now. She is my youngest daughters kitty. Luna had to move in with us for the time being after my daughter and boyfriend broke up. She is the sweetest little thing.


  1. Your Santas are the best I've seen yet! Your work is amazing! You should stop by my blog and add them to my Tuesday's Treasure linky.

  2. Very nice...normally I don't go for the Santas - just the snowmen but this one is nice. Love it.

  3. Wonderful santas. I do have some patterns and roving, so one of these days I will try some dolls. Today I am punching one.

    Our son left his cat here for a few weeks, it's been a few years now, lol.


  4. Love that first Santa ALOT! Love that little Luna's sweet smile too! :-)

  5. Your Santa's are so cute, and what a lovely kitty. She is really pretty, and looks very happy at hour house!

  6. What fantastic marking on Luna and what a sweet face!!!! I love your santas. That red wool is wonderfully different.

  7. Awww...what a sweet face Luna has and pretty markings on her legs too! I am also impressed with the santa's!!


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