Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giving It Another Try

Ebay...Going to give it another try after being gone for about 3 years. Going to list a Santa Head Make Do like the one I sold on etsy and a Frosty Snowman Head Make Do as well on ebay tonight. Click here to go to my ebay ----> ebay link  I'll still be listing on etsy too. I do wonderful there with sales.

And for those of you that have been waiting for my Santa Make Do Pattern. I have that up for sale now on Pattern Mart! Just click over on my right sidebar to order that pattern now from Pattern Mart. I will have it for sale on my etsy and my website too.

Tomorrow is your last day to enter my giveaway! Scroll down to my post about the giveaway and leave a comment to be entered!! I will be picking a winner on Thrusday morning! Good Luck to All!


  1. Good luck with eBay! Love that Snowman head! He looks like a good friend for the one I bought from you last year! ;-)

  2. Love the snowman head, I hope you do well on ebay.
    I use it, but have no idea why, lol.


  3. I love your creations esp. the snowman!!!! Make sure and put a link to ebay!!!!

  4. Love the snowman. I sell on Ebay and Etsy and do best on Etsy!

  5. I am sure you will do well on Ebay, your designs and workmanship is wonderful! Good luck.

  6. That's about my story with ebay too Tammy. I just listed a woodcraft on their this week too after a lengthy time away. Good luck to us both:)

  7. I love your blog! So very warm...I will check and see what you have on Ebay...


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