Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Hint of Summer Still Around

I know It's been awhile since I last posted. I've been super busy creating. I got asked to sell some of my primitives in a Art Gallery!! I wasn't to sure about doing it at first, but the owner and my daughter talked me into it. I don't know if you would consider my stuff art worthy. So that's where I have been. I've also been working on some new Santa items too! I hope to have some pics of those things posted on here tomorrow night.

So today was fall cleanup day in our yard. Hubby raked and mowed the yard while I dumped all my clay flower pots and put them away in our shed for the winter. This is always a back breaking activity for me. Just glad it's done for another year. When I was working in the yard, I noticed a beautiful butterfly on my chrysanthemum. I thought the butterflies had all gone south or died since we've had some really cold temps the last couple of days. It got down into the upper 20's the other night. I checked on the Internet and found out this butterfly is called a Common Buckeye. I was on the look out for butterflies all summer and it took me till fall to finally capture one on my camera! Isn't he gorgeous with those spots!! This really made my day!

Then on the same mum was this little guy. Not sure what it is. It almost looks to me like a butterfly that just came out of its cocoon. See how his wings are still kind of crumbled up. His body looks like it could be a butterfly. Are butterflies still coming out of their cocoons this late?? He can't be a moth because they have those fuzzy antennas, right?
 I have a bunch of different colored mums and these two guys like my daisy like mums the best. Probably because they have those yellow centers where they can get something good to eat. LOL
OK time to go relax and get my feet up and do some hand stitching! Everyone have a safe Happy Halloween tomorrow!!! Oh almost forgot. I need to cut out my pumpkins tonight! I guess I can't relax just yet.


  1. Good evening...I can empathize with you on the outdoor clean up for that's just what I did today to!!
    Beautiful picture of the Buckeye butterfly! The other is called a Skipper but don't know which one of the spices it is!!
    I love your work...I so love primitive and should be doing those things too!!
    Santa is keeper!!

  2. Beautiful photos and congratulation on being accepted into a gallery. I think folk art is just as much an art as any other.


  3. Tammy,

    The picture of the butterfly is gorgeous. The bees and such have been busy here getting the last nibbles in from my perennials too. It's sad to see all the beautiful flowers go but I guess Mother Nature needs a rest.

    Congrats on the new venture. Sure hope you do well there.


  4. Great photo of the Buckeye butterfly and the Skipper. Congratulations! Being asked to show your artistry is a wonderful compliment, your art/craft work is amazing. This morning we woke to thirty degree temperatures, needless to say tomorrow will be fall cleanup day around here. Have a Happy Halloween.

  5. Congratulations on being asked to display your work in an art gallery! They say art is in the eye of the beholder and I believe that yes, your creations are definitely art. Lovely pictures, that Buckeye butterfly is beautiful and there's nothing "common" about him at all! Have a Happy Halloween, Deb

  6. Oh wow Tammy, congratulations on being displayed in the art gallery. That's super!
    That sure is a beautiful sight to have found. Looks like a moth to me, but I'm not an expert:) It sure is glorious in all its' color.
    Hubby did some yard work today too, on his butt on the beast (his tractor). LOL. We get around that backbreaking stuff the best way we can ya know:)


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