Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Items on Early Work Mercantile tonight!

I've been so busy this week!! I have my goodies for Early Work Mercantile ready to list later tonight!!! Here are a few items! Click this link to be taken to my page-------> "Early Work Mercantile"

We finally got a good amount of snow this week!! Had great fun taking pics of the birds and snowflakes!

Red-Bellied Woodpecker


A few days ago when we were getting a few snow flurries I thought I would try to take a picture of some snowflakes! I was amazed when they somewhat turned out!

Isn't this amazing!!

The first pic is my favorite!!!

Today I captured some winter shots by the Mississippi river.

Right along the Mississippi River. Casino is in the background.

On the Iowa side looking at Illinois on the other side.

Mr. Sea Gull

Well that's it folks for this Saturday night! Have a great wonderful rest of your weekend!!


  1. gorgeous prims and photos Tammy...Love the snowflakes!! just gorgeous!!

  2. Breathtaking Photos~Wow the snowflakes are amazing!!

  3. Good luck with your heart designs this month. They're fabulous! Your snowflakes photos are magical. ~Roberta

  4. The snowflakes are amazing!... tiny witnesses to God's awesomeness!

  5. Those hearts are so pretty. I love how feminine they are!!! Good job. Thos snowflake pictures are awesome. How cool that you got such great photos. I love this post. -Steph-