Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thinking of Spring while the Snow is Flying!

I started thinking a couple of days ago about Spring, with this warmer then usual Winter. So I listed this sweet goose doll last night.

She is made with a pattern by Doreen Frost who is a most talented artist!
Click here to view her on ebay-----> My Ebay

This morning woke up to a blanket of ice and snow. Now it's all snow as the temp has been dropping since this morning.

Captured some more shots of the snowflakes!!

These two pics were from this morning when it was more ice then snow that was falling.

And.....then a few hours later when the temperature begin to drop
I took these shots! You can see that they are a more formed snowflake now!

I'm having so much fun with my camera! OK...time to get back to my sewing!


  1. cut goose Tammy. At what zoom do you get these snowflakes? I've got to try it..patti

  2. Love your new goose, perfect for spring. Wonderful shots of the flakes.


  3. OMG....love the goose and those snowflake pics are amazing!!

  4. She's beautiful!!!!

    XO Diane

  5. WOW! Your snowflake pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Do you do anything special to get those detailed shots or is your camera over-the-top?

  6. To get my snowflake shots, I just used my regular 18-55mm lens and got a close as my camera would focus. Then just cropped the original size photo my camera took.
    Did sharpen the photo a bit and darken it a tad.


  7. What a wonderful goose. Snowflake photos are lovely as well, truly no two like.


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