Monday, June 29, 2009

Cactus Flower

What a perfect day today!! Temps in the upper 70's and dry air. Much better then last week that's for sure with the 90º temps and the humidity. I took advantage of this nice weather and got out and pulled weeds which defiantly needed it. When I got to my flower bed behind the garage there was my prickley pear cactus blooming! And it has 3 other buds that will open soon. It took me forever to weed around that thing. I did have my gloves on but you still get pricked by those tiny little yellow needles that stick in you.


  1. Ow! No matter how "careful" I am, I ALWAYS manage to somehow end up STEPPING on the prickly pear plants that spring up all over! But those sure are some pretty blooms you have there!

  2. Hi, lovely photographs! I am envious of your sunshine, we have had 5 straight days of gale force winds here in our winter. I am lucky I have a roof over my head, and a warm fire.
    Keep enjoying your beautiful gardens
    xxx Starry

  3. I love cactus flowers. Yours are quite vibrant. A beautiful picture you've captured!

    I love prickly pears ever since my jungle book days. I'm still in love with that movie!

  4. Beautiful plants and I am jealous of wherever you live cause it has been close to 100 here! Your art is very cool though :)

  5. Tammy,

    Love the cactus bright and cheerful.


  6. Those are so pretty. We have cactus flowers too. Be sure and don't get those pricklys in you, they are almost invisible and just about impossible to get out.