Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yay! Finally Got A Hummingbird Picture!

I have 4 hummingbird feeders and there is one that gets the most activity. It's a mini size feeder that I got a Lowe's that you stick in your potted plants. So I parked my lawn chair out in the middle of our backyard waited for him to come. It didn't take long, about 5 minutes. So I sat there for about 20 minutes and got a bunch of pics. He would come by every 5 minutes. Then I weeded out the best one to post on here.

I took a few more pics too. Here is one of the front of our house. I like to use lots of pots of flowers around my yard. Don't exactly have the best soil for planting. We have lots of clay in our area.

While I was sitting out in the backyard. Just under the shed was one of the baby bunnies watching me. They sure are growing fast!

Then these pictures are of some of my most favorite geraniums.


  1. Lovely flowers! Isn't is fun to watch the hummers? Nice capture.

  2. I love hummers.. yours is so sweet..and what a great shot!!

    I have some on my blog too.
    the Nestle one. We have Ruby Throated here!!

  3. I love having them so close to a window AND ..they do like feeders in the shade IF
    you can.

    4 parts one part need for feeder has that..

  4. love the photos..thanks for sharing..we have the same soil..but most of our stuff grows in it..not sure why..cause when we have to dig something is rock hard and we are always amazed!!! that anything grows the bunny and your flowers..:)

  5. Beautiful photos. I need to do my yard so I can entice more wildlife, too much open area.


  6. You got a good shot. She is gorgeous! I finally got one the other day too. They moved so fast you have to sit and wait like you did.
    Love your geraniums too. One of my favorite annuals.
    I also wanted to tell you that your pumpkin heads are adorable!
    You come up with some of the best creations!
    Take care!

  7. Hi Tammy

    Just stopping by to say hi. And let you know i changed my name from Prims*by*pam to roosterinnprims.

    Love the picture of the humming bird. And the flowers are beautiful. W have some bunnie babies running around here to and they are eating the leaves off my tomato plants. LOL

    Hug Pam

  8. Just found your blog and so glad I did! Beautiful photos! And I enjoyed the saga of the bunnies in the well! ~~Annie

  9. How fun that you are taking the time and enjoying the beauty right outside your doorstep! Lovely pictures! And I want to scoop up that baby buddy and cuddle with him, LOL!

  10. Gosh, you could make a calendar out of your beautiful pictures!

  11. Your lovely home is so inviting. Have a grand day.

  12. Great photos! I love those hummers, SO cheerful!

  13. Love your flowers! What a great hummingbird picture!! Isn't it fun to watch these tiny birds!!

  14. Your flowers are beautiful and love the humming bird as well! My sister gets a ton of hummers at her house and they are fun to watch. Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of summer!!

  15. Beautiful flowers and I love the bunny pictures too!

  16. How cool are those pictures of the hummingbird and the bunny! Hummingbirds are hard to capture unless you have a camera in hand when they visit.

  17. Your Pics are wonderful . Love the humming bird . They are so hard to catch in a pic . Your lil bunny is adorable .

  18. Your flowers are so beautiful, Tammy! I have really enjoyed following the story or the Baby Bunnies! (except for that wicked black cat!) I hope they never leave your pretty yard. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Starla :)