Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Primitive Halloween Ghost Door Doll

I know most of the country has either been in a heat wave or being flooded with rain. It's the heat here in my neck of the woods. Another day with heat advisories. In the 90's, with heat index over a 100. This is more like July/August weather.

Well I've been staying inside creating and thinking cool with Halloween goodies! Finished up this ghost guy today. He's a big guy, measuring 24" long. I'm headed over to etsy to list him after this.

So for now everyone try to stay cool and don't forget about our pets that are outside that need plenty of fresh water. I always worry about them when it's freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer along with the wild birds too. I try to fill up the bird bath every evening with clean water. OK...till next time.


  1. Yr weather is worse than our out here in the desert, because you have the humidity on top of the high heat! I know what you mean about the birds, I keep pans filled for the poor things.

    I have been thinking so much about autumn lately, too! In fact, I am creating lots of Halloween graphics, LOL...it is fun to imagine it's cool outside -- until it's time to step out into the HEAT!!! What a darling ghost you made and the Jack O'Lantern is darling!

  2. Oh, I love him...neat for the front door!

  3. I am also crafting fall . I love the ghosts . I love to hang mine from my trees to . Yes , I am greedy , LOL , I make for myself too .

  4. New to your site. Love your dolls!