Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Beauties of Nature!

Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful flowers can be. Especially Hibiscus!! I think I am finally finished planting flowers. Now to keep everything alive.
Haven't had a hibiscus plant in years, so I treated myself to one this year. I'm going to bring this one inside this winter and see how it does. I have a friend that has had one for 28 years!!

Here's a little succulent garden I have in a old enamel bowl, that I got at the antique mall a couple of weeks ago. It came with a small worn hole in the bottom. So that works perfect for drainage! That's my miniature hosta and regular size hosta to the right.

Had the most wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Hubby and I drove up to Wisconsin to meet up with my daughter and her family. They flew in from North Carolina for a friends wedding. Got to see the grand kids who I hadn't seen since Feb. We were the official babysitters as kids weren't allowed at the reception.

Next to our motel was a beautiful pond that had 2 families of geese.

This family had the older chicks

And here is the other family with the smaller chicks

It was fun to watch the chicks running around catching bugs in the tall grass.

Here are a couple of newly listed birds in my etsy shop!

Well that's it for now folks! Have a wonderful evening!!!!


  1. I love the texture and color you got on the hibiscus flower picture! And the darling geese - just lovely! Your delightful pictures have cheered me this evening!

  2. I have the same kinda chicks in my back yard. Soooooooooo adorable! Makes me smile to see their fuzzy little selves! :)
    xx, shell

  3. What beautiful photos. I cannot get good bird photos, they fly away if I am outside, so I had to shoot through the window.